New Updates Course Assembler

28 June, 2018

Course Assembler

The Document Ninja is now even easier to use. We’ve made the whole process of selecting templates even simpler and we’ve added improved support for importing other new file formats. This includes Google slides and Moodle book activity IMS packages being added to our already impressive list of over 20 listed file formats that we can now convert to HML5 SCORM.

New navigation templates

There's also now more selectable navigation templates. Eighteen new templates are now available and the process for selecting each one has been made even simpler. You can also automatically test multiple layouts and export settings within the new rapid testing Preview Ninja application before having to upload each one to a LMS . This one process saves you a huge amount of testing time.

If you can’t find a template that you like, you can engage us to develop a new template.

Remember Course Assembler is not only limited to be a SCORM course as you can export it as a standalone course without tracking.

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