Rebranding and new domains

17 September, 2019

CourseSuite.Ninja is now We've rebranded our sites and pushed them out to their own domains. Last year we began a process of removing the "Ninja" motif from our apps which was felt by the management of the time didn't reflect the spirit of the apps. Since then we have also looked at how we can best assign value to our apps and to our users and found the overhead of of the internal system we had developed for managing the sites and apps was not equitable to the size of our team. We have now broken up the sites into their own domains for ease of development and maintenance, and removed all the cruft that no longer reflects our core values and directions.

Here's where we have landed:

This site links to all our product brand sites as they are developed. You are also able to subscribe to all apps from here.
Coursesuite Ninja
This site allows you to manage your coursesuite subscriptions, history, licencing, launching, API details and so on.
Course Assmbler
This product lets you convert a varity of Office, Media and Productivity formats to SCORM. You can buy or access the Course Assembler product from here.
Course Alchemy
This product lets you add timed audio to your presentations (powerpoint, slideshare, google slides, etc). You can buy or access the course alchemist from here.
Video To Scorm
This simple media wizard lets you embed or add SCORM completions to video from a variety of sources, which we're always expanding. You can buy or access this product from here.
Yes, it has three Zeds! This is a tool in development to let you create fun interactive SCORM-based quizzes in an easy to use editor. This product has not beed released yet.
Should you encounter issues with our apps or need to contact us for any reason, this is your first point of call (registration not required).

We hope this clarifies the change. Please get in touch if you have any questions.