New Client Builds Over 60 Courses in a Week

2 November, 2017

Recently a large Australian Nursing organisation with over 300,000 members needed to rebuild over 60 of their old existing courses to migrate to a brand new system. They needed to build all of their new courses within 2 weeks because their old system was being turned off. And they only had one staff member available to build the new courses.

We initially helped them to create the first course in our CourseBuilder Ninja as a template - and, from there, they cloned it many times. They adapted each new course with the respective content and exported them as HTML5 SCORM courses.

Managing all the courses was made easy in our easy to use course catalogue landing page.

They did have to put their heads down and work hard, but they achieved their goal and had the new SCORM courses loaded on to their Moodle LMS. They had students accessing the courses and achieving certification all within 2 weeks of starting the migration process. We also customised, themed and implemented the Moodle LMS for them.

Each course is now fully HTML5 SCORM compliant and, as such, the client will never have this migration issue again as the courses will now work on any SCORM compliant LMS.

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