A new way to buy

4 March, 2017

We have updated our payment options so that you are now able to buy NinjaSuite apps individually or as a bundle, and at the feature tier that suits you.

Previously, we only offered NinjaSuite as all the apps at one price for each tier, but we listened to your feedback and re-imagined the system so that it now allows the purchase of individual apps and at each feature tier level. This means you can now pick and choose the apps that you need at the prices that you can afford.

Apps still are tiered. The way this works is:

  • The lowest tier is the cheapest
  • With most products, courses produced with the lowest tier contains some kind of basic watermark or copyright statement that mentions or links back to coursesuite.
  • Higher tiers extend the feature set, plus remove watermarks and other details. Consult each product page for more information about the tiers related to that product.

You're also able to buy bundles of apps at a discounted price; different bundles contain two or more apps each at various tiers, and are priced accordingly.

We've also heavily revised our pricing model to make your subscription dollars go further.

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