what is coursesuite

Coursesuite is a collection of simple web-based tools that let you make SCORM courses. We found that the existing tools for content creation were feature-bloated and expensive and slow - and sought to remedy that. We try to focus our tools on the common problems in elearning - asking what is the underlying purpose of the content and how can we make this easier. Currently we are targetting desktop-based web browsers.


We want content development to be affordable. E-learning software can be really expensive - thousands of dollars per year often with hefty system requirements. Our tools are honed to simplicity and so is our pricing model. You can subscribe to all our software here for a simple monthly fee which lets us develop our tools further and expand the range we can offer, or purchase pay-as-you-go access when you need it from the brand websites.

our advantage

We believe that tools should be easy to use and focussed on the outcome. Too often do we launch programs or apps then have to wade through layers of menus and options to find the few common features we want to use. Too often we are overwhelmed with design possibilities and choices and settings and switches. All this choice can slow you down from achieving your ultimate goal: your learners doing the required learning. We have honed our tools down to just the features that matter and left out the cruft that eats your time and ultimately costs your budget.

about the team

We're a small team based in northern NSW, Australia. Our staff have been working in elearning for almost 2 decades and have experience in many aspects of online learning including content development, learning design, lms development, privacy and security, IMS, SCORM and reusability, for K-12 schools through tertiary, vocational and corporate training organisations in Australia and overseas.



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